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7 Genius Shoe Storage Ideas (And How to Steal Them)

Have a shoe storage problem? More shoes than you know what to do with? Shoes literally sticking out of every crack and crevice in your home. I totally feel ya.

Not only do we buy more shoes than we would ever need (#worthit), but they’re also super clunky and oddly shaped.

In other words, a total hassle to keep organized.

Lucky for us, there are a ton of absolutely brilliant shoe storage hacks for us all over the internet.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there, as well as some tips on how you can recreate them yourself.

7 Insanely Clever Shoe Organization Solutions Straight from a Professional Organizer | SpikedParenting


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Shoe Storage

I don’t know about you, but this gorgeous shoe storage cubby by Sincerely, Sara D gives me some serious shoe organization envy. I could stare at this thing all day…

Shoe Storage Cubby by Sincerely Sara D


How to Steal It

She gives you a total walkthrough on how to build this bad boy yourself. But in case you’re as dangerous with power tools as I am, you can get a similar shelf here from Amazon.


Shoe Rack

Or you could go with a super easy DIY shoe rack, like the one here at 100 Things 2 Do:

DIY Shoe Rack from 100 Things 2 Do


How to Steal It

Again, if you’re against the whole DIY stuff as much as I am*, then Target has you covered. This is the exact shoe rack that I use in my own closet. Plus, it’s stackable, which makes it perfect for any space. I seriously can’t recommend this shelf enough!

* I’m not necessarily against it, I’m just really bad at it…

Simple Target Shoe Rack

Hidden Shoe Cabinet

Or maybe you’d rather keep your shoes organized behind closed doors. That’s totally fine, too, and leaves you with a more minimalist looking space. Every little bit helps, right?

If that’s the case, then you need to check out this rad hidden shoe cabinet from Handmade Haven:

Hidden Shoe Cabinet by Handmade Haven


How to Steal It

I couldn’t find a cabinet with drawers that pull out that was as cute as the stand they made.

But here’s a similar rustic cabinet that could easily be used for hidden shoe storage. Plus, it would look great in pretty much any room, depending on your decor.


Shoe Storage Bench

Do you have a ton of shoes in your entryway or mudroom? Then you have to check out this amazing shoe storage bench from Ana White. It’s absolutely perfect for organizing even the messiest of mudrooms!

DIY Boot Storage Bench by Ana White


How to Steal It

Considering this is a custom-made bench, it’s going to be hard to top. But this shoe storage cubby bench from Amazon is the closest one I could find. And it’s pretty sweet, too!


Shoe Shelf

Are you looking for more of a designer shelf feel in your closet? I know from experience how pricey those custom shelves can be.

It’s totally possible to build shelves like this for yourself, though. If that’s a project you want to take on, then check out exactly how they built their own custom shoe shelf over at Sunshine and Sawdust:

DIY Shoe Shelf by Sunshine and Sawdust


How to Steal It

Or, you can get a similar shelf online. It wouldn’t be custom built into the walls, but not everyone prefers that kind of permanent solution.

Check out this amazing shoe shelf that you can use instead!


Under the Bed Shoe Storage

Do you live in a small space? I spent the last decade living in a closet in NYC, so I totally feel your pain.

For me, it was always easiest to store stuff under my bed (because half the time I didn’t even have a closet to work with).

But you have to be careful here because if you stuff too much stuff under there, it’s impossible to ever find what you’re looking for.

Something with wheels is generally going to be your safest best to be able to get what you need, when you need it, without all the hassle.

That’s why I love these DIY shoe storage crates with wheels from I Can Teach My Child. They’re super cute AND super functional. Plus, they’ll keep you totally organized.



How to Steal It

Now, that’s probably the easiest DIY project on this list. I mean, I may even try it for little man’s room.

But if you want to get something that you can start using right away (or in 2 days with your Prime Membership), then check out this under the bed storage bin that comes with some chalkboard labels to keep things tidy.


Entryway Shoe Storage

Looking for a smaller shoe storage bench for your entryway or mudroom? Check out this amazing DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Bench from Fix This Build That:


How to Steal It

Grab this super chic shoe storage cubbie that would look amazing in any entryway from Target today and get the look for yourself!

Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench White - Prepac


Did all these shoe storage ideas give you the organization bug? I’m halfway through reorganizing my closet as we speak.

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