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7 Steps to Rapid Content Creation

This is a guest post written by copywriter and business coach Jean Lane.

When it comes to the masses of content you have to write for your online business or blog, it gets overwhelming fast. Let’s face it, your knowledge of your subject is awesome, you have SO much to say but you just don’t have the time to say it all.

Then if you’re running two social media platforms (or more!) you have to post daily there too.

Phew. It’s a lot of work, right?

On top of this is you give yourself brain fog and destroy your productivity with the amount of writing, and creative juices that have to go into it. Creative juices that could better be left to the things you LOVE to do.

The more time you spend staring at a screen, trying to write, the more energy your expending. And we want you to spend your energy doing things you want to do–like spending time with your family and taking relaxing baths or reading novels. You know, the fun stuff.

Because if you are spending hours writing a blog post every single week (at least), then several posts on social media a day, and don’t forget your email list!–You’re spending more time writing content than you are living your life.

I’m here to let you know it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 7 ways you can optimize the time spent writing your content.

7 Insanely Easy Rapid Content Creation Hacks | SpikedParenting | Jean Lane

Speak Out Your Content

Just because you do the blog thing, doesn’t mean you’re great at writing. And that’s ok! And even if you are a great writer keep reading, because there’s a way to compose a quick, and huge, blog post before you even touch your keyboard.

Grab a voice recorder on your phone or otherwise and speak out your content.

Talk into the microphone and say exactly what you want your blog post to say as if you’re talking to your audience directly. This amazing hack has two benefits.

  • One, you instantly create a huge post you can pay a VA to type up, or just type up yourself.
  • Two, your blog posts will sound conversational and flowing.

No more stiff writing, yey!

Re-Use Your Content

Hey, listen, when you’ve written a blog post it doesn’t mean everyone on your email list or social media has read it. Sometimes people follow you on social media because they find you entertaining and don’t bother to check your blog.

And you want them to see ALL your content, right?

Take paragraphs from your blogs posts and re-post them to your social media.

One blog post can turn into several social media posts and content for your email list for the entire week. AND you can link back to the post your quoting.

You can even summarize your blog post content and create extra posts that way. Easy peasy.

Want to become a time management ninja? Click here to learn how!

Re-Use Conversations to Create Content

I’m assuming you engage with your audience/clients in one way or another. Either in person, or by phone, or social media.

Take your conversations and comments and turn them into social media posts and email content with only a few quick editing steps. You can even take the questions you get and turn your answers into blog posts!

Everything you write online can be re-purposed. Don’t let your precious time go to waste!

The Headline Hack

You may find blog posts hard to write (even if you enjoy them!). Do they drain you, take up all your time, and take hours to compose? You may know what you want to write about, but you’re not sure how to create it. Instead, you end up rambling in your blog posts, which leads to a lot of editing and not getting to the point fast enough.

When you think of the subject you want to write on, create a quick checklist of all the things you want to cover.

Turn these into headlines, then write a paragraph or two on each.

This keeps your mind focussed, sort of like a mini writing prompt every step of the way. You will no longer ramble until you get to the point, or have to cut content you spent valuable time writing.

Create Video and YouTube Content

Take your blog posts or questions from your clients/readers and talk into a camera.

Not everyone reads, and video content is king these days.

Re-purposing your content this way allows you to create more posts and content that lead to blog posts about the same content, which keeps people on your site longer. People on your website longer lets Google know your website is interesting, which bumps you up in search engines. Win. Win.

If you’re camera shy, a podcast is just as effective!

Optimize Your Pinterest Account to Help You Create Headlines

You don’t have to stop at one Pin for your blog post! In fact, it’s smart to pin your blog post through several Pins, all with different headlines. You can even use each Pin as a way to test out different catchy headlines and see which ones your readers like best. Ask yourself: which ones get the best click through?

THEN you can use the top performing headline for your blog post and next email headline.

This is a rapid way of figuring out what will get you the best open rate on your email list and social media without spending weeks testing different headlines.

Easy Tweets to Keep Up With Twitter

Every time you create a bullet point, or extra juicy quote in your blog posts, emails, or social media, you instantly have content for your Twitter.

Yup, copy and paste the point, send it to Twitter and link back to a blog post.

This makes Twitter super easy to keep up with. You no longer have to spend hours wondering what relevant Tweets you can create.


Seriously, content creation doesn’t need to be hard. Stay visible easily with these tips without sucking every hour of your day.

Do you have any tips you use in your content creation? Comment below!

Jean Lane

Jean Lane

Jean Lane is a professional copywriter & business coach with certifications in NLP, life and happiness coaching, copywriting, hypnotherapy and more. Mother of 4 crazy kids (and one on the way) and master of productivity. If you want to grab more free and paid content, click here.

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