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Running an online business is a lot of work. It is so easy to become overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done.

In order to stay on top of everything, it is absolutely essential to stay organized in the process.

And that is exactly what this series is all about.

Today I am going to walk you through the process of outlining your online presence.

I know putting it that way makes it sound way too difficult, but I promise it isn’t.

And by taking the time to put the basic structure in place now, you will save yourself a lot of time down the line—guaranteed.

Inspiring Content

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This isn’t a series on how to create an online business. For you mom bloggers out there, you should check out Start a Mom Blog. She also has an amazing eBook on the topic available here.

This is a series on how to organize the different aspects of your business once they are already in place. And to have them all available in one place for quick reference.

About Your Business

The absolute first thing I want you to put down on paper are the core aspects of your business:

  1. Your Business Name
  2. Your Target Audience
  3. What Problem(s) Your Target Audience Has
  4. Your Solution(s) to Their Problem(s)
  5. Your Elevator Pitch

Don’t just list these out. Write them down in a way to tie them all together. Write it all down in a way that will inspire you to create content to match your business model.

Bonus!!  I created an amazing freebie for this post! It’s the Business Model Diagram. Fill in the lines with all of your business information. I intentionally left it blank so that you can put the different components where they make sense for you and for your business.

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Print it off, fill it out, and hang it up on your wall. Now, when you are writing your next blog post or  copy for a sales page, look at this diagram.

It is a great way to keep you on task and make sure the points you are making are aligned with the overall idea behind your business.

Again, I am not here to help you figure out what these ideas are. Nor am I trying to oversimplify complex business ideas.

The point of putting this all in one place is to give you a boost of inspiration if a case of writer’s block creeps up on you.

It’s a point of reference in case you stray off message in a post and need a quick and concise way to bring your topic back on point.

It’s the central message and idea that your business is created around, so put it to work.

Your Business Goals

The goals that you’ve set for your business should be kept with your business model.

Because as your business model changes, so will your goals.

You don’t necessarily have to track the actual metrics here, just the list of what you want to keep track of and where you ultimately want to end up.

So look back to your business model. Is the demographic of your mailing list aligned with your target audience? Do you need to reach your audience more?

Create a list of the different goals you have set for your business.

Then write down the actionable steps you need to take to reach these goals.

Once these are fully fleshed out, brainstorm the different ways you can track the effectiveness of each step.

Set up review periods—monthly, quarterly—and analyze what is working and what isn’t working.

You may be absolutely in love with a certain series of blog posts or videos you have created, but if your audience isn’t responding well to it, it may be time to explore different avenues.

The only way you will know if it’s working, though, is by actually taking the time to gauge your audience. This may be as simple as an email survey or as complex as a full on data analysis report. That’s up to you.

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Outline Your Business