Keeping your house organized can be difficult. Keeping your bathroom organized can be borderline impossible. Not only are they the smallest rooms in a home, but most people also have a tendency to hold on to half empty bottles of shampoo and face creams that they only tried once.

So to be able to fit everything, we need to maximize the space in your bathroom.

Luckily for us, this is a very common problem, and there are a lot of amazing tools to help us out! I’ll take you through some different ways to maximize your space using some of my favorite tools on the market today.

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Wall Storage

Making use of vertical space is essential is maximizing the space in any small area (you can read more on that here). In a bathroom, though, there are only a few places to be able to do that and still have the space be functional.

The first is to add a hanging shelf to a wall. The only way this will work, though, is if it’s unobtrusive. You don’t want to make a small room feel even smaller by adding s huge shelf that you will constantly be bumping into.

So, some good areas for this would be above a towel rack or hamper. This way you are also using the space under the shelf in a practical way while making the shelf blend in more.

If you prefer open shelves, this Nantucket style is an incredibly functional piece. Three shelves and a bar to hang a towel allow for maximum storage. Plus, it’s super cute.

wall shelf

If you prefer a closed shelf, then I would suggest something like this shelf. It provides two adjustable shelves inside the cabinet, as well as one under, allowing for ample storage.

Wall Cabinet

Or you could do a combination of open and closed, which is what I prefer. This shelf gives you three exposed shelves as well as three shelves inside the cabinet, allowing for a mix of storage and decorative pieces.

Above the Toilet Storage

Another way to maximize the space in your bathroom is by using a shelf that goes around your toilet. These are less obtrusive than wall shelves because the area above the toilet is in most cases empty. You also don’t have to worry about someone walking into the shelf if it’s hung in an awkward place.

I would suggest avoiding any metal racks or shelves in the bathroom because they tend to rust. I’ve had these in bathrooms before, and they became such a hassle. So keep that in mind when you’re looking around.

Like wall shelves, you can have both open and enclosed shelves. One option for an open shelf is to use a ladder type shelf like this. It provides different size shelves and allows you to decorate it easily.

Ladder Shelf

If you prefer a closed shelf, I like this shelf that gives you to adjustable enclosed shelves where you can easily store your stuff.

Closed Shelf

And if you want a good combination shelf, this one will give you two adjustable enclosed shelves as well as a large exposed shelf, which would be great for storing towels, or anything that needs some extra room.

Combo Shelf

Stand-Alone Shelf

If you have the extra space in your bathroom, I would suggest adding an additional linen closet. It doesn’t need to be that big, but at least five extra shelves will give you an unbelievable amount of storage.

If you want open shelves, I would suggest this linen tower. It’s cute, functional, and would work well either in a corner or along a wall.

Linen Tower

If you want closed shelves, I would suggest this cabinet. It provides six adjustable shelves and isn’t incredibly bulky for a cabinet.

Linen Closet

And if you prefer a combination piece, I would highly suggest this chest. It has two shelves behind the door, three adjustable open shelves, and two additional drawers. And who doesn’t need extra drawer space in the bathroom?

Combo Cabinet

Side of the Sink Storage

Do you have a lot of countertop clutter in your bathroom? One easy way to free up some space is to get a caddy to hold some of that stuff. These can either be attached to the side of the vanity or the wall next to it.

I use these to keep stuff like my hair dryer and flat-iron. Because these things get hot, you’re going to need to get a metal rack. This probably will end up rusting from the humidity in the room, so I wouldn’t invest too much into it.

This rack here is perfect. It holds both my dryer and flat-iron, as well as a few additional items. And the plus? It’s completely affordable.

Side of Sink Rack

Under the Sink Storage

Another great way to maximize the space in your bathroom is to organize the area under your sink. Do not just throw stuff under there!

One of the most amazing tools I have come across for under-the-sink storage is this adjustable shelf. It is super adjustable. You can put the shelves at different heights. And the shelves themselves move so you can easily fit it around any pipes! It is seriously brilliant!
Under the Sink Shelf

Shower Organizer

And finally, another area that you need to maximize your space is inside the shower.

I really hope you aren’t the type of person who collects shampoo bottles, but if you are, you need to get rid of them. Trust me, I get it. I get sick of a bottle of conditioner halfway through it, or I see something at the store that I just have to try.

I do not let them accumulate, though.

Pro Tip – If you have extra bottles hogging up your shower space, put them in some travel size bottles for your next trip. Then the product isn’t being completely wasted, and you don’t have to make a quick trip to Target before you hop on the plane.

Now that you’ve broken your bottle storing ways let’s talk about some ways to organize the space in your shower.

The most obvious solution is a hanging rack, which most people already have. But before you buy one, I want you to check out a few things on it first.

First, try to get one with at least two shelves as well as some hooks. While there are some really cool abstract looking ones out there, they aren’t nearly as functional. And this makes the out of control bottle situation even more of a nuisance.

Second, make sure you can use both of the shelves. Trust me, there is nothing more annoying that a second shelf that only holds your smaller bottles. Because inevitably, you are going to want to store full-size bottles there, and it’s going to become a disorganized mess from them being haphazardly thrown in there.

Third, make sure it will fit above or around the water fixtures, or anything built into the shower wall.

And finally, consider the rust factor. There are a lot of shelves out there that claim to be rust proof. Every single one I’ve bought in the past has rusted eventually anyway. So don’t spend a lot of extra money on something like this because this is a metal rack that is going to have water running on it every single day.

Because you have to pick a shower caddy that fits your own shower, I’m not going to suggest one here. And this really isn’t something you should buy online anyway. You need to go to the store and check it out to make sure it’s going to work for you.

Final Thoughts

I’ve talked about the importance of decluttering your space and making sure everything has a home for it to be stored. So when you are organizing your bathroom, keep these things in mind. Make sure that all the little bottles of cream and sprays fit in the drawer you keep them in. If you have too many, it’s time to downsize.

I also think that it’s a good habit to go through your beauty products on a monthly basis. Check the expiration dates and toss anything that’s getting old. Make sure you are getting rid of that almost empty tube of lipstick and that broken eyeshadow in the bottom of the drawer while you’re at it. You can read more on this here.

This stuff builds up so quickly on us, so take the time to go through it and keep it manageable regularly. Doing this on a regular basis will save you hours, if not days, of a thorough clean out down the road. And trust me, doing that all in one sitting isn’t a whole lot of fun.

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