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21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks

Like it or not, as busy moms we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So really, kitchen organization should be a top priority.

Unfortunately, it usually isn’t. I mean, seriously, who has time for that?

But honestly, if you want to save yourself loads of frustration and wasted time down the road, you should.

And organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be an overwhelming — or expensive — project.

So to help you out, I’m going to bring you 21 super simple kitchen organization hacks that will transform your kitchen into a functional — and enjoyable — space.

The best part? Most of these will take you very little time to do. Plus, you can use stuff you already have laying around your house or things that you can easily pick up on your next Target run.

This post does contain affiliate links to save you a trip to the store. This means that I’ll get a commission off any purchase, at no additional cost to you. I only suggest products that will actually help you get organized, though — never junk that will add to your clutter. You can read more about my disclosure here.

So to get you by until you have your own Pinterest-worthy dream kitchen*, let’s get you organized!

*Mine comes stocked with a live-in chef who can get my kid to eat anything and hates the term “Ketogenic” as much as me (sorry, guys). Because #breadislife.

Do you want a free step-by-step guide on the exact framework I use as a professional organizer to organize my client’s spaces? Then sign up for the Total Transformation Home Organization Challenge today! You can conquer your clutter and take back your space — and it’s a lot easier than you think! I’ll see you inside!

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21 Genius Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Pantry Organization

The pantry is one of the most common kitchen organization problems I come across.

Now, if your pantry looks anything like mine, it’s overflowing with Paw Patrol fruit snacks and Ritz crackers.

Not to mention all the mismatched cans, random packets, and half-empty boxes of cereal. And the less space you have turns putting everything away into a never-ending game of Tetris.

Without the right tools, this makes it pretty tough to get it organized — and then keep it that way.

Using different bins and baskets will help you manage the random assortment cluttering the shelves. This allows you to store similar things together, making it easy for everyone to know where everything is and where everything should be put away.

And while decorative baskets will look better if your pantry is open, I think that clear baskets make things easier for everyone. Plus, if you throw a label on the bin, there’s absolutely no argument about what should go in there — and what shouldn’t.

Or, you can meet halfway and jazz up some clear plastic bins with these chalkboard labels.


Clear Storage Bins to Organize Dry Goods

My favorite bins to use in the pantry are the Room Essential bins from Target. They’re durable, easy to clean, and pretty affordable.

These come in a bunch of different sizes.

I like the long, skinny ones for things like sleeves of Ritz, granola bars, and applesauce pouches.

I like the larger, square bins to store things like pasta, bags of rice, and bags of chips.

Just make sure that you measure your shelves so you know they’ll fit.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Wire Racks to Organize Canned Goods

Another kitchen organization problem is canned goods.

To keep canned goods organized, I like to use wire racks.

This is the easiest way to keep them organized, see what you have and what you need to buy, and put them away.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

But I know some people just don’t like the way wire racks look.

If you can relate to that, then adding some tiered shelves will allow you to raise the cans in the back and see what’s hiding.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Cereal Storage Containers

Cereal boxes can be a total pain to keep organized because they don’t fit on a lot of shelves.

One solution is to store the cereal in plastic containers. This keeps it fresh, makes it easy to see what you’re running low on, and may help your indecisive kid out.

I personally prefer the regular plastic containers, though I know a lot of people who like the kind with a release valve. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen with a toddler in the house, but I can definitely see the value if your kids are older.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Organizing Hard to Reach Spaces

Hard to reach spaces can be a total kitchen organization nightmare.

One super easy way to make sure out of corners of your pantry or to make deep shelves more accessible it to use a lazy susan.

This allows you to store multiple things in one place without having to worry about forgetting about the things in the back.

This could be anything from bags of onions and potatoes to your cereal containers.

The options are endless here.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Organizing the Fridge

Now, when it comes to organizing your fridge, it’s not a whole lot different than your pantry.

And I use a lot of the same things to keep them organized.

Aa lazy susan is great in the fridge for organizing condiments and drinks.

I like the long, skinny plastic bins for things like Gogurt, string cheese, certain veggies.

And I like the bigger, square bins for things like bags of kale and loose fruit.

There are also smaller, stackable plastic bins that are perfect for containers of berries and different cheeses.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Organizing the Freezer

Organizing your freezer can be made simple by using a combination of those same plastic bins and freezer bags.

Here you’re going to want to organize things by shelf-life when possible. Keep your meats dated and stored together, and things like frozen veggies and fruits in another. Click here to find out how long different things can be stored.

If you meal plan and prep in bulk, you’ll want specific bins for this, as well.

Try to flatten everything in freezer bags so that you can easily stack them or put them upright in a bin once frozen. This will save you a ton of room.

Try to store like with like, keeping the oldest stuff in the front or on top so that it gets used first.

And as boring as a freezer inventory list sounds, it will really help you keep track of everything you have in your freezer, when everything needs to be used by, and what you need to prep on your next batch day. And this translates to saving you a lot of money.

Create a Coffee Bar + Maximize Cabinet Space

Okay, so we’re huge coffee drinkers. And if I don’t have a cup ready first thing in the morning I’m legit running into walls and on the verge of tears. I’m a little dramatic.

So it’s super important that I have a coffee system integrated into my kitchen organization.

Now, if you have the room in your kitchen, you can set up a “coffee bar” where all of your coffee stuff is neatly tucked away. A lot of people absolutely love this.

Or you can keep it simple and just keep everything you need in the cabinet closest to the coffee pot. (See, a lot of people make organizing sound like too much, but a lot of times it really is as simple as that!)

And since coffee cups are shorter, you can usually double them up on the shelf, saving yourself a ton of room.

I use these little shelves to double up the shelving inside my cabinets to maximize the space.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Under the Shelf Storage

Want a kitchen organization #protip?

You can also grab some wasted space under your shelves with these hanging baskets. These are great for storing things like coffee filters, or even your vitamins and prescriptions that you want to remember to take in the morning.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

K-Cup Organization

Because we drink coffee by the pot, we don’t really use our Keurig. But we still have a ton of K-cups from different vacations and what not.

And I know a lot of people who only use a Keurig. I don’t understand how they function on so little caffeine but to each their own.

We can all agree on the fact that those little cups are bulky, awkwardly shaped, and a kitchen organization nightmare, though.

So one easy solution is to get a shelf that sits under your Keurig to store them in.

Easy, peasy.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Or, if you have a drawer open under your Keurig you can store them there, too.

You can easily store them in the little boxes they come in. Or, if you want to mix and match, you can use a toddler shoe box. I love organizing drawers with these because they’re the perfect size!

Drawer Organization

Small / toddler shoe boxes also work great for organizing junk drawers, or any drawers that have random odds and ends.

I actually don’t really like “junk” drawers, because anything that you store in your kitchen should belong in your kitchen. So don’t waste time organizing a drawer full of stuff you don’t need. Just get rid of it.

For the rest, though, it will make things so much easier if you keep it neat.

Organizing Drawers with Contact Paper

Another problem that a lot of people have with kitchen drawers is that towels and washcloths move around when you open and close the drawers. And this is super annoying.

Contact paper with a little grip can usually take care of this. And if you don’t want to put down an adhesive contact paper, you can always attach it to the corners using Command Strips.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Organizing Drawers Diagonally

And finally, organize different size utensils by sectioning off the drawer diagonally.

This gives you so much more space in the drawer, makes things so much easier to find, and stops the utensil drawer from getting completely out of control.

Or check out this video on how to do it yourself!

Clear Countertop Clutter

One super easy kitchen organization hack for immediate results is to get rid of the countertop clutter.

So take a look at everything on your counters, and find a new home for anything you haven’t used in the last two days.

This includes your appliances.

If you only use something once a week — or once a month — then you really shouldn’t keep it out on your counter.

On an aesthetic level, it just doesn’t look that great.

On a mental level, too much clutter totally stresses you out — whether you realize it or not.

So find a place out of sight for what you can.

Organizing Dump Zones

Kitchens are also the place where people tend to dump stuff.

Keys. Mail. Crap that they don’t know what else to do with.

So take stock of where the different dump zones in your kitchen are and what’s in the piles.

And then come up with a solution to stop everything from dumping stuff there.

You can put out a small dish for loose change. Hang a key rack. And direct all junk mail and receipts directly to the shredder (it seriously takes 2 seconds to shred something the minute it comes into your house).

And even if these solutions don’t stop your family from dumping stuff there, it will make it a lot easier for you to take what they dumped and put it where it goes. Taking a minute to do this every day will stop the clutter from taking over.

Add a Kitchen Island

Limited space is always a big problem in most kitchens. And an island is an easy way to fix this.

And you don’t have to renovate your entire kitchen to get one. You can just buy (or make) a standalone island.

This is the perfect solution for city dwellers and renters, as well.

If you have a smaller space, you may want to consider an island with wheels. This way you can always move it out of the way or repurpose it. We had an island turned printer stand at one apartment in Queens.

Now that my toddler sends anything with wheels crashing into the nearest wall, though, I prefer a stationary island. And honestly, you can find one to fit almost any kitchen design.

Organizing Spices

Spice bottles are also a huge kitchen organization problem because they’re small and multiply faster than the Duggars.

I prefer to use three-tiered shelves to keep them organized because this keeps them off the countertop and inside the cabinets.

On the top (back) row, I put all the big spice bottles. I turn them sideways and write what they are toward the top so I can easily see it.

Then I put the smaller bottles on the front two shelves.

If you have too many spices to fit on a three-tiered shelf, the first thing you need to do is check the expiration dates on all of them and ditch everything that’s expired. Seriously, you’ll be shocked at how much space this opens up.

If you still have too many, try to get rid of what you don’t use. If you have a spice that you use once every 5 years, then I would just suggest buying it once every 5 years. You cabinet space will thank you.

(You can do the same thing with baking supplies, too!)

Organizing Essential Oils

If essential oils are more your thing, then check out this amazing storage rack. It fits inside of your cabinet and holds 36 bottles.

I wonder if it will fit my stash of mini Jameson bottles.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

Organizing Pots + Pans

Pots and pans are another kitchen organization headache.

In all honesty, mine are a total mess right now because sometimes it’s just easier to let my kid beat the shit out of them.

If you don’t have that problem — or you have kid-proof latches that actually work — then there are some super easy ways to contain that mess.

The easiest way is to get an adjustable rack that holds them all.

21 Super Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks | SpikedParenting

If you want a more customized solution, though, a 2-tiered pull-out cabinet organizer is just what you need.

This will allow you to fit all of your pots, pans, and lids inside of one cabinet. There is plenty of room so they all will have a set place to go, making meal prep and clean up a total breeze.

Organizing Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are usually where you put stuff that you rarely need because it’s just such an awkward space.

A lazy susan can help, but you still run the risk of a forgotten bag of potatoes going bad in a dark, out of reach corner.

An organizing colleague of mine turned me on to an alternative solution for this space: pull out cabinets.

So rather than everything spinning inside the cabinet, the shelves spin out, making everything easy to reach.

Organizing Under the Sink

And finally, keeping everything under your sink organized can be tough. There are pipes running through the space and the oddest things seem to end up there.

First of all, only keep the cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink that you actually use in the kitchen. Now, if you have a small space, this may be where you have to keep them. I get it. I spent a decade living in NYC closets. It is what it is.

Second, you probably have way more cleaning supplies than you need. If you don’t use something, then donate it to your church or local shelter.

Now, take a look at what’s left.

You could get a plastic milk crate to store the cleaning supplies that are left here.

Sliding baskets are also great.


Another option is to get an adjustable shelf that goes around the pipes. This lets you customize it to the exact space that you have, making room for what you need.

What kitchen organization hacks do you love? Let me know in the comments!



21 Incredibly Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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