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10 Habits of Organized Moms


10 Habits of Organized Moms


Ever wonder how some moms seem to stay on top of everything? You can, too, if you follow these incredibly simple habits of organized moms.

Because here’s the thing…we can’t do everything. But we can get the important stuff done. And to do that, we need to have some systems in place. And we need some habits to keep those systems going.

So let’s take a look at the 10 habits of organized moms that you can implement in your life today.


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10 Habits of Organized Moms


1. Get Up Before the Kids


The first habit of organized moms is to get up before the kids.

And while this seems obvious, it’s not always something we want to do.

But having a solid morning schedule in place and giving yourself time to start your day before your kids start demanding things from you sets the tone for the rest of your day.


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2. Plan Ahead


One way to make your mornings a little easier is to plan ahead.

And if you spend 10 minutes on Sunday making everyone’s lunch for the week, that’s 10 minutes every morning you get back.

And if you spend another 10 minutes on Sunday picking out everyone’s outfits for the week, that’s 5 outfit changes you can avoid as you’re running out the door.

Because it doesn’t take more time to do this all at once, and it will save you a lot of time during the week.


3. Have a Daily Schedule


Another habit of organized moms is to have a daily schedule.

Whether you work outside of the house, work from home, or are home with the kids all day, a daily schedule is key to keeping everyone on track.

Start by penciling in the things you have to do. Then schedule in the things you would like to do. And then check to see how things are going to make adjustments as you go. The perfect schedule will only come from a little trial and error, so try some different things out and see what works best for you and your family.


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4. Have a Schedule for Household Chores


One important thing to make sure you have in your daily schedule is household chores.

Breaking your chores down and scheduling them in throughout the week simplifies the process and makes it easier to stay on top of everything.

This way you aren’t wasting half your Saturday cleaning. Instead, you’re spending 10-20 minutes a day knocking a few things out.

It’s seriously a game-changing hack.


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5. Do a Load of Laundry a Day


Another habit of organized moms is to stay on top of the laundry. And the easiest way to do this is to do just one load of laundry every day.

And I don’t want this to sound overwhelming. You could easily throw a load in before you head out in the morning (or start your day if you’re home with the kids). Throw it in the dryer at lunch or when you get home. And fold it quickly after the kids are in bed.

Yes, it’s a habit you would have to create. But that’s the whole point of this article!


6. Clean as You Go


Another habit of organized moms is to clean as you go.

Don’t let the dishes pile up or the toys multiply overnight.

Do the dishes as you cook. Make sure the kids are putting things away before they get something else out.

If you just tell yourself that you’ll deal with it later, it’s going to be a bigger mess and take you even longer. So build the habit of staying on top of these things in the moment to save yourself some stress down the road.


7. Declutter Daily


And this includes the clutter around your house.

One super important habit of organized moms is to declutter every day. Usually after the kids are asleep.

All you have to do is spend 10-20 minutes picking things up and putting them back where they go. This prevents them from piling up and getting out of hand over time.


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8. Get Your Family to Help


You also want to get your family to help you out.

If you cook, ask your spouse to clean up while you do something else. Maybe while you knock out the household chore for the day or declutter.

Get your kids to clean up their stuff every day.

These things may sound incredibly simple, but you’ll be amazed by how clean they keep your house!


9. Meal Plan


Another incredibly important habit of organized moms is to meal plan.

Learning how to do this literally changed my life. I was able to get us on a clean, healthy diet without all the stress. It also saved me a ton of money at the store and time during the week.

Total win-win.


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10. Deal with the Mail Daily


And finally, stay on top of your paper clutter by having a paper flow system in place.

This means dealing with mail the second it enters your house. Don’t throw it in a bin to take care of later. Because going through a bunch of paper at once totally sucks.

Set up a shredder. Create a home for your bills and other important papers to go. And then either shred or file everything the second it comes in.

You’ll thank me for this one 😉


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