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Organize Your Life with the Flat Harmony Weekly Whiteboard Planner

Having systems in place is one of the best ways to keep your life organized. This can be anything from having a standard morning routine to your weekly chores.

And it’s also incredibly important that you have go-to tools to help these systems along!

I am super excited to work with our sponsor, Flat Harmony, today, and to show you their fantastic magnetic weekly whiteboard planner that is one of the easiest, yet versatile, tools you can use to organize your life! Full disclosure, I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are entirely my own!

They also sent me a board to try out, and I spent the last couple weeks using it in a couple of different ways.

So today I’m going to walk you through 3 different ways that I used the board as a tool to help with some of my systems! I actually had a lot of fun doing this, and I’m super excited to share this all with you!

Weekly Planning

So the first way that I set up the board is for my general weekly planning. I already keep track of all of this in Trello, but I loved having a physical place to write it all down, as well. And, as an added bonus, this board won’t get buried on my desk like a paper planner if I’m in the middle of some serious research!

The entire back of the board is magnetized, and I hung it up on the side of my fridge.

There are a few lines for each day, and that’s what makes it ideal for weekly planning. You aren’t going to use it to write down your minute to minute schedule. What you should do, though, is use it to highlight the 2-3 main things that you intend to get done that day.

Or maybe you have a one-time appointment that week. I used the example of a team conference call. If this were a weekly call that always happened on the same day at the same time, I probably wouldn’t want to write it down here.

On the other hand, if I had something to prepare for the call, I would make that one of my primary tasks during the week and jot that down on the day I intend to work on it.

The point of having a visual board that highlights your weekly schedule is to refresh your memory of what you have going on and where you should be focusing your attention.

There is also a section at the bottom for additional notes. I used this area to write down any promotions I have going on. I also wrote down a general to-do, that I need to get the recipe for the cookies I’m going to make that week. I didn’t schedule this into the week because it will probably only take a few minutes to look it up or call someone. But writing it there at the bottom reminds me that I still need to do it.

Board Weekly Planning

Meal Planning

The next way you can use the board is to plan out your meals for the week!

I have to admit, I’m not the best at meal planning, probably because I hate to cook.

But I have found that if I take the time to plan out what we’re going to have each day, I’m a lot less stressed when dinnertime rolls around. It also saves me multiple trips to the grocery store during the week!

So my favorite way to meal plan is to make a big crock pot of meat on Sunday, and have that be the meat in our meals on Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday.

To help me see what I need to prep for the week, I used the notes section on the bottom of the board. Since my meals this week are made with shredded chicken, I’m going to cook that up on Sunday.

(I found that it worked best to use the notes section for the meal prep for the current week, rather than the upcoming week. I would create the following week’s schedule on Saturday evening so that I knew what I needed to get at the store and prep on Sunday.)

On Thursday’s we usually eat something meatless unless we feel like making a trip to the store for something fresh.

Friday’s are usually the night we order out (or make our own pizza at home).

And then on the weekend, we love to grill! Which is a total game-saver in the dirty dishes department!

Using this board to plan our meals makes it super easy to organize what we’re going to make. But it also lets me change it up in case something happens (like my toddler decides he’s only going to eat macaroni tonight..)!

Board Meal Planning

Blog Planning

The final way that I set up the board was as a blog planner.

And I don’t know about you, but anything in my life that has a lot of moving parts, I like to physically see what I have going on so that nothing falls through the cracks.

I use Trello for my editorial calendar, and I absolutely love it. But it’s beneficial also to have a rundown of what all I have going on for the week on the side of the fridge. I would brainstorm on it every morning while I was drinking my coffee.

I have tried all sorts of different planners and boards to give me this visual aid, and this board is by far the best in that regard.

You can see in the picture that I wrote down what posts went live on Monday. This was really helpful because I tend to juggle my social media promotions with housework, and I can’t always remember what I’m supposed to be promoting! Total mom brain!

I then went through and wrote down what I’m going to be working on every day. I only schedule in one big thing a day to work on because honestly, that’s all I usually get to. I’m not going to schedule in more than that and then get down on myself when I don’t get it all done. Especially if it isn’t even realistic in the first place!

I also wrote down the promotion that I have going on that week.

And, finally, I used the notes section to look ahead to the upcoming weeks. This way if I do get everything done that I had scheduled in a day, I can see what I have coming up and start on that.

Board Blog Planning

All in all, I really loved the versatility of this board! Granted you need a place to put it. If I didn’t have that side of my fridge open, I probably would have hung it up in my office with command strips. It would definitely fit on the front of the fridge, I just personally don’t really like my fridge to be too cluttered.

It also comes with three markers, black, red, and blue. Me, being the office supply junkie that I am, added my own collection to the mix. This allowed me to color code the different things I have going on.

And finally, because it’s a dry erase board, the possibilities really are endless. You could use it for any of the different ways I highlighted. You could use it for a hybrid of them all. Or you could use it in a way that completely suits your needs, be it with school schedules, sports schedules, church and social engagements, or whatever you have going on that you need to keep track of. And as these things change in your life, you can easily change the board to reflect that.

I love having great tools to keep my life flowing without too many bumps, and this board definitely does the trick!

Get your own here:!


What do you think? How would you use the board? Let us know in the comments!


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