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27 Bedroom Organization Ideas to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

Looking for some bedroom organization ideas? Wanting to get a jumpstart on your spring cleaning? Ready to transform your bedroom into your own personal oasis?

Then you’re in the right spot. As a professional organizer, I’ve helped a lot of people come up with some pretty clever bedroom organization ideas.

Because a disorganized and cluttered bedroom is just no fun.

You’re going to start your day off wrong by waking up to a mess and then wasting a ton of time looking for stuff.

So to help you out, I’m going to walk you through 27 of my favorite bedroom organization ideas, just in time for spring cleaning.

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Bedroom Organization Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. This means that I may make a small commission off any purchase, at no additional charge to you. I only recommend products and services that I use and love and will totally help you rock the #momlife juggle. You can learn more and read my entire disclaimer here.


Nightstand Organization

And the first bedroom organization hack I want to dive into is your nightstand. Because more than likely, that’s one of the first areas in your bedroom to get cluttered. So let’s take a look at some fantastic nightstand organization ideas.

Having the area around your bed organized is crucial to a happy space. If you have a bunch of stuff you need to declutter, you can check out this article to help you out.

But technically, you only want to keep the things you actually need to have regular access to next to your bed.

And, if you have a normal nightstand, then you should absolutely only keep the bare minimum.

But if you’re anything like me, you have a lot of stuff you want to keep on hand. I can be reading anywhere from 3-6 books at a time. I’ll have multiple journals going. Crystals. Oracle cards. Oils. (Is my woo showing yet??)

And if I tried to cram all of that into a nightstand, I would drive myself crazy. Because that’s just way too much stuff for such a small area.

My fix?


Nightstand Desk

I use a small desk for my nightstand. It has a couple shelves that I can keep baskets on and plenty of room for my books.

If you have a small bedroom, this may even double as your actual desk. Which is totally doable as long as you only keep the essentials there.

But it’s one of my favorite fixes to add more bedside storage space without compromising on aesthetics.

Image Credit: Ballard Designs


Rolling Cart Storage

The problem, though, is that not everyone is going to have enough room next to their bed for a desk.

I get it. I lived in my fair share of NYC closets over the years.

But just because you don’t have a lot of space, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have enough space to store what you need to keep on hand.

One super fun way to maximize your bedside storage without taking up too much space is with a rolling cart.

These things allow you to store as much as you need (within reason) without looking overly cluttered. You can grab one at IKEA and paint it to match your decor or grab a similar one here from Amazon.

But it’s a super cute and super functional way to keep your bedside crazy organized.

Image Credit: homeyohmy


Bedside Caddy

Another great way to free up some space on your nightstand is to grab a bedside caddy.

A bedside caddy is a great place to put your phone, tablet, book, glasses, and so on. And you just hang it over the edge of your bed frame.

So a bedside caddy will not only help you declutter your nightstand, but it could also completely replace it if you don’t have the room.

Image Credit: Amazon


Charging Station

Having a charging station will also help with your bedroom organization.

One way you could do this is to use a box to hide all the cords, helping with your nightstand organization as well.

Here’s a fun DIY charging station from Driven By Decor.

Image Credit: Driven by Decor


If that project’s too ambitious for you, you could always repurpose an old shoebox for a DIY charging station. Check out this one from Mrs Happy Homemaker.

Image Credit: Mrs Happy Homemaker


Headboard Storage

Headboard storage is another way around a messy nightstand.

And coming up with a clever way for some headboard storage doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

BuzzFeed came up with a great solution for some headboard storage by simply adding two bookshelves to each side and connecting them with a board across the top.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed


Headboard Shelf

Another easy way to gain some headboard storage is to add a headboard shelf.

A headboard shelf can be as complex or simple as you want and can fit most spaces.

You can easily grab a headboard shelf that attaches to your current bed frame, like this one from Amazon.

Image Credit: Amazon


Or you could add a couple floating shelves above your bed for a DIY headboard shelf. Check out how they pulled this together over at My Scandinavian Home.

Image Credit: My Scandinavian Home


Small Bedroom Organization

Now, if you’re not just cramped for space around your bed, you may be looking for some small bedroom organization ideas.

Again, I survived years of NYC closet-sized apartments, so I get the small bedroom struggle.

Fortunately for us, there are a lot of really fun (and super easy) ways to maximize the space in your small bedroom.


Bench Storage

Now, most people turn to bench storage for their entryway, but I think it’s perfect for a small bedroom (or really any room in your house).

Bench storage is amazing because, for one, you’re getting multiple uses out of one piece of furniture: seating and storage. But also, storage benches don’t take up a whole lot of room.

One of my favorite bench storage ideas comes from Mommy Vignettes.

She walks you through how to transform an IKEA bookshelf into bench storage in no time at all.

And bench storage is perfect in the bedroom either as a window seat or at the foot of the bed.

Image Credit: Mommy Vignettes


End of Bed Storage

Now, if you have room, I highly suggest some end of bed storage space.

End of bed storage takes the place of a footboard, gives you a place to throw your clothes so they’re not all over your bed, and gives you a place to sit while you’re changing.

I seriously love multifunctional furniture.

And again, you could simply put the storage bench from above at the foot of your bed.

Or, if you’re not feeling crafty, you could simply get a cube shelf to put there (though I wouldn’t recommend sitting on them).

Having gone through my fair share of modular furniture, I highly recommend the ones from Target. They’ve held up the best over the years. And my kid’s not easy on furniture.

This also gives you some shelves to add baskets, giving you even more storage space for out of season sweaters, scarves, accessories, yarn, and so on.

I literally have another basket of journals on one of mine!


Or, you can combine the two and just buy a premade bench with some storage space.

Image Credit: Amazon


Tall Corner Shelves

Now, if you don’t have room for any end of bed storage, you could always add tall corner shelves to your room.

Because first of all, vertical space is usually one of the most underused spaces in any house.

So, if you have a couple empty corners, you could easily add a couple tall corner shelves.

These don’t take up as much space as normal shelves, so they’re great for small bedroom organization.

Plus, they give you a ton of space to store different things, freeing up space in other areas.

And, if your bedroom is really small, these could even double as your nightstands.

Image Credit: Wayfair


Over the Door Organizer

Another small bedroom organization hack is an over the door organizer.

Now, full disclosure, I don’t like most of these organizers. I’ve worked with a ton of them over the years, and a lot of them are more hassle than they’re worth.

So if you decide to get an over the door organizer, you want to make sure you get a good one. If not, you’ll have to deal with it always falling apart or always being in your way.

Most people will grab the cheap fabric ones from Target or Amazon, and those usually aren’t the best because they move all over the place, so you always have to readjust it. Plus, that just moves everything you have stored inside it around, too.

So while you’ll see a ton of people suggesting the over the door shoe holders as a great bedroom organization idea, I don’t really recommend it.

Instead, there are more secure options from reliable brands like ClosetMaid.

Not only with these over the door organizers hold up a lot longer, but they’re also adjustable. So you can make them fit exactly what you need them for.

Image Credit: Wayfair


Hanging Clothes Rack

And finally, one of my favorite small bedroom organization hacks is a hanging clothes rack. I had some version of this in a couple of my NYC apartments and it was a total game-changer.

So a hanging clothes rack is just that. A bar that you put somewhere in your room to give you more space to hang your clothes. This is extra helpful if you don’t have a lot of closet space.

And it doesn’t have to look weird or awkward in your bedroom, either.

With a little proper space planning, you could easily find a place to add a hanging clothes rack that doesn’t take up too much space.

Image Credit: My Scandinavian Home


Under the Bed Storage

One of my favorite bedroom organization ideas is under the bed storage.

Under the bed storage allows you to free up space in your room by keeping things under your bed.

But in order for this to work, you need to have the right storage containers. Without the right ones, the space under your bed can just turn into a cluttered mess.


Under the Bed Storage Containers

So the first step to setting up a solid under the bed storage system is to find the right under the bed storage containers that fit your needs.

And under the bed storage containers come in all shapes and sizes.

Some have lids. Some come on wheels. Some are big. Some are small.

So first, decide what you want to store under your bed.

If it’s something you need regular access to, then you want an under the bed storage container that you can easily pull out, get what you need, and then slide back under easily.


Rolling Crates

So, for something like this, you would want under the bed storage containers with wheels. In this case, I highly recommend rolling crates.

Rolling crates can act like additional dresser drawers, allowing you to store clothing, shoes, or whatever you need out of sight.

Image Credit: Home Depot


Under the Bed Storage Containers

If it’s not something you need to access as often, though, or rolling crates just aren’t your thing, there are a lot of other under the bed storage containers you can check out.

My personal favorites are the under the bed storage boxes from The Container Store.

They have a lid, so you don’t have to worry about things getting dusty (or your cat finding a new bed). Plus, they’re super cute, so it’s still totally fine if they’re visible.

Image Credit: The Container Store


Drawer Organization

Another bedroom organization hack that will drastically transform your space is drawer organization.

Because it’s not fun digging through your drawers trying to find what you’re looking for.

Luckily, drawer organization is actually really easy.


Drawer Organizers

So let’s start by looking at the different drawer organizers out there.

There are clear drawer organizers, wooden drawer organizers, even DIY drawer organizers.

I use a mix in my home, and probably love them all equally.


Clear Drawer Organizers

Clear drawer organizers are great for keeping your drawers looking super sleek and minimal.

Which may sound more like a vanity thing than anything else. But seeing neatly organized spaces drastically improves your mood. So it’s kinda worth it.

And The Container Store has a set of adjustable clear drawer organizers that allows you to mix and match, depending on what all you need to store in the drawer.

Image Credit: The Container Store


Fabric Drawer Organizers

The more common drawer organization tool, though, are fabric drawer organizers.

These are great for clothes because they reduce the chance that something will snag. Plus, they’re great for storing small things in a drawer without anything getting lost.

Image Credit: The Container Store


DIY Drawer Organizers

Or, you can make your own drawer organizers to up your drawer organization game.

For example, I keep my son’s socks in the back of his t-shirt drawer (because kid-sized shirts don’t take up the whole drawer and I hated that wasted space in the back).

Now, I didn’t want to just throw them back there because it would be a total mess. Instead, I put two of his toddler size shoe boxes back there to hold his socks. It has yet to become disorganized, and he’s at that stage where he wants to dress himself every day.

The t-shirts hold the boxes in place, and it’s super easy for him to just reach behind them to grab a pair of socks.

But you could also create your own drawer organizers using cardboard and fabric. Check out the full tutorial on how to do this over at The Home I Have Made.

Image Credit: The Homes I Have Made


Closet Organization

And finally, the biggest bedroom organization problem that most people I know struggle with: closet organization.

Closet organization can be difficult. Mainly because we have too many clothes and not enough space. (Totally not judging here. I’m an aspiring minimalist and I struggle with this, too.)

So, we can either get rid of a bunch of our clothes (which I do recommend). Or we can find a smarter way to store them all (which I again recommend after you declutter).

And here are a few of my favorite tricks to maximize your closet space.


Accessory Hooks

So one thing that I notice with so many of my clients when it comes to closet organization is that their smaller clothes take up way more room than they should.

I’m talking about all your tank-tops and camis here.

I’ve seen closets where each tiny tank is on an individual hanger. I’ve seen closets where 20 tiny tanks are all crammed on one.

I don’t recommend either of these.

What I do recommend are accessory hooks.

You can hang a bunch on one hook, just pull the hook out, and easily get the one you need without knocking all the others off.

Image Credit: Home Talk


Shoe Organization

Another crucial closet organization hack is proper shoe organization. I have an entire article here that you can read for more ideas.

But when it comes to storing shoes in your closet, my number one tip is to find the most storage that takes up the least amount of space.

In my own closet, I had a wall I could use and a little space below my clothes. I use this shoe rack for the wall and this one for under the clothes.

Image Credit: My Closet


Hang Pants + Bags with S Hooks

Another closet organization hack is to hang your pants and bags using S hooks. These take up a lot less space than a normal hanger, allowing you to fit more into less space.

Image Credit: Custom Citizen


Hang Pants + Bags With Brackets

And finally, the final closet organization hack guaranteed to jumpstart your bedroom organization project is to hang your pants and bags on brackets.

Doing this takes up less space because the brackets come out from the wall, giving you a short bar to hang anything on. You can space them apart however you want, but if you use pant clips like in the image below, you can easily see how this will save you a ton of space.

Image Credit: Livet Hemma


What are your favorite bedroom organization ideas? Let me know in the comments.

And don’t forget to pin this article for later and share it with someone who needs a little bedroom organization inspiration!


Bedroom Organization

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