It’s like hiring a productivity coach — without actually having to hire a coach.


It’s as easy as learning your Myers Briggs personality type (click here to find yours) + following my step-by-step plan.


You know that feeling you get when you hear about a new time management program that is literally changing people’s lives — it’s sooo good. Even your best friend has gone through it and you’re completely blown away by how much success she’s had!


So you rush out to buy the book or sign up for the course, you dive headfirst into the material, and you are so excited about the amazing results you just know are coming your way.


But those results never show up. At least not for you.


And you just don’t get it. You followed the program to a T. You showed up every day and did the work. But you don’t know what went wrong!

That is such a horrible feeling! Trust me, I’ve taken my fair share of classes that didn’t work for me.

But the programs and courses aren’t a hoax – I mean, your best friend wouldn’t lie to you about it!


The problem is that it wasn’t a good match for you – for your own unique strengths and weaknesses.


See, trying a one-size-fits-all program is a gamble, because it may not fit you.

And I don’t want you to try another program only to get less than stellar results.


This is why I created Be the Boss of Your Time.


Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool, I’ve created 16 different time management courses that address the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type.

This has allowed me to get really specific with each personality type and create an in-depth, completely customized program that perfectly complements each type.


And I can guarantee that one of them is the right one for you.


Why the Myers Briggs? The Myers Briggs evaluates four different components of your personality – how you like to work, how you process information, how you make decisions, and how you live your life. Each of these components is central to creating a time management plan that will work for you.


Now, you don’t have to work with a coach to get the sort of results that can drastically improve your life. Be the Boss of Your Time will deliver you these results on your own terms. And, most importantly, on your own time.


How can I be so sure? Because the Myers Briggs has been used successfully in the business world for years.

It’s typically used as a leadership tool to assess a company’s employees, ensuring that the right people are in the right positions.

And time management is usually just a bullet point.

But to be an effective leader – or parent, volunteer, charity organizer, and so on – you have to be able to effectively manage your time!

So rather than leaving time management as a bullet point, I’m making it the main attraction.


In Be the Boss of Your Time, you will learn how to:

✔ Set goals that match your aspirations and vision.

✔ Crush the h*ll out of those goals.

✔ Juggle everything life throws at you.

✔ Ensure the important stuff gets done.

✔ Refine your systems until they fit you like a glove.

Be the Boss of your time is a completely customized time management program perfect for any busy mom who struggles with finding that balance between work and play.

It really is possible to get it all done. Let me show you how.


Still not convinced that this is the best time management program for you? Check out the intro video inside the course page and decide for yourself!



Don’t know your Myers Briggs type? Take my free quiz to find out!

Let’s face it, our time is precious. And I’m sick of seeing people wasting their time on fad techniques that just don’t make any sense to them. To how they work. To how they function.

Let me teach you how to be the boss of your time – based on scientifically proven techniques that will work for you.




Click an image below to read more about the course created just for your personality type!


So What’s All Included?

  • 5 Video Modules to Walk You Through the Entire Program – Start to Finish
  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Your Personality Type Explained
  • Module 3 – Creating SMART Goals and a Whole New To-Do List
  • Module 4 – A Time Management Program for You
  • Module 5 – Maintaining These Systems Going Forward


  • A Completely Customized Google Sheets Workbook for Each Personality Type
  • Completely Formulated Pages to Do the Hard Work For You (90+ formulas)
  • A Private Facebook Group to Work Through the Material and Mastermind with Other Students
  • Live Trainings Done by Me Within the Facebook Community


  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • As the Value of the Course Increases, You Will Get it All for This Introductory Price!

In addition to all of that, I also have these amazing bonuses for you!





The Entrepreneur Priority Planner ($37 Value)

Do you struggle with finding the time to do everything that you need to do inside of your business?

My Entrepreneur Priority Planner will walk you through one simple formula to help you decide what you need to do yourself, what you should automate, what you should delegate, and what you should outsource.

You will walk away with complete confidence in the decisions you have made!

Click here to read more about this amazing tool!

The Naptime Hustle To-Do List Organizer ($37 Value)

Are you curious about how I get so much done in a day? Well, my secret is this to-do list organizer right here.

As a work at home mom, I only have a few hours during the day to get my work done. And having an organized – and prioritized – to-do list is key to making sure none of that time goes to waste.

It also allows me to have a running list of things I can knock off the list when I’m really not feeling like doing much at all.

This is the ultimate tool for rocking the #naptimehustle!

Click here to learn more about this action-packed organizer!

The Ultimate Goals Worksheet ($11 Value)

This 7-page worksheet dives deep into your goals to help ensure that you are focusing your energy on the right things.

It’s so easy to think you know what you want, but unless you take the time to evaluate what you’re doing and where you want to go, it’s not easy to be completely confident that you’re doing everything right.

So get rid of that uncertainty and make sure the goals you are setting are the right goals for you, your business, and your future!

Click here to read more about the Ultimate Goals Worksheet!

What people are saying about Be the Boss of Your Time

I am a multi-tasker by nature but I have always wondered why my to-do list never seemed to get any shorter. I felt my life was spinning out of control and it was jeopardizing my health. Now I know the main reason why. I discovered with “Be the Boss of Your Time” that my ENFJ altruistic personality was always leading me to take on new tasks from others without ever recognizing the importance of my own priorities and finishing my own tasks.

“Be the Boss of Your Time” helped me to recognize my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths. It helped me to harness all of my life’s components (career, freelance work, home, and family), allowing me to analyze, organize, and track the essentials and the time stealers. Using SMART goals and SMART tasks, I have been able to prioritize, categorize, and manage everything that’s important to me with realistic timelines. Thank you, Brianna, for creating this one-of-a-kind customized course that has helped me make my life amazing again, step by step and module by module.

Sheri Sankner

Elementary School Teacher and Writer

I bought the course to help me stay focused and be more productive now that I work from home. Not only am I getting more done in less time but I understand MY working process so much better. An unexpected bonus — I am finishing almost twice as many craft projects in my free time now! If you are a knitter with a dozen WIPs, you need this class!

Michelle Ferguson

Owner, A Bustling Home

I got this course because I was sick of feeling like a hot mess mom. I honestly can’t believe how spot on the personality type assessment was! While listening, I literally felt like she was in my head describing all the things I was doing right at that moment! I literally LOL’d, mind blown! And I love having a course that is specifically designed for me! It’s helping me to understand my own working process. As a newly stay at home mom with a cake business side hustle, I need all the help I can get, and I finally feel like I’m getting organized and getting a much needed daily schedule/routine down. I would recommend this course to everyone that wants to take control of not only your time but your life as well.

Betsy Sieck

Owner, Utopian Bakery


What is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and what does it have to do with time management?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a tool that evaluates four different components of your personality – how you like to work, how you process information, how you make decisions, and how you live your life. Each of these components is central to creating a time management plan that will work for you.

I have combined my productivity coaching techniques with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment to create 16 different time management programs that address the specific strengths and weaknesses of each personality type.

This has allowed me to get really specific with each personality type and create an in-depth, completely customized program that perfectly complements each type.

Now, you don’t have to work with a coach to get the sort of results that can drastically improve your life. Be the Boss of Your Time will deliver you these results on your own terms. On your own time. And, most importantly, at a fraction of the price.


What if I don’t know my Myers Briggs personality type?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator can only be administered by trained professionals. So, if you are able, you can always visit the Myers Briggs website (link) to find a testing facility near you.

Or, you can take a similar assessment online that will give you a pretty accurate result. You can take my free assessment here, or visit to receive a more in-depth breakdown of your personality type. Again, please remember that any online assessment that isn’t directly through the Myers Briggs website isn’t the actual Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool.


Is this course jam-packed with every single thing you know about time management?

Absolutely not! The point of this course is to teach you how to manage your time – not to overwhelm you with a bunch of information that won’t help you do that!

There is so much out there on different ways to manage your time, and while a lot of it is amazing, not all of it is relevant to you and your personality type.

I’ve taken the best of the best, curated it to highlight your strengths and address your weaknesses, and created a personalized time management program that’s perfect for you!

If I’m already struggling to manage my time, how could I possibly find the time to take this course?

I designed this course to be as streamlined and to the point as possible. I give you quick actionable steps you can take now to save yourself hours of time down the road. And I even give you a couple shortcuts if you need them!

I also start Modules 3 and 4 with a breakdown of how much time each step should take so you can clearly see how little time you need to put in up front.

But the main thing that I want you to consider is that learning how to manage your time is an investment. You put in the work up front to reap the benefits later. I provide you with everything you need to get started. You put these systems into place right away. And then you modify them as you go. Your life won’t be at a standstill as you work through everything. A lot of it will come to fruition as you go. That’s the beauty of time management – it’s about refining these systems until they fit you perfectly! And the material I provide you in this course is the roadmap to get you there!

Couldn’t you have just made one course and called it a day?

Probably, but I wouldn’t have felt great about it.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of different time management courses out there. I saw no point in creating another standard program.

I wanted to create something that could be applied to everyone. Remember, I was a productivity coach first. And I would never give two of my clients the exact same advice. Because their circumstances were different. Because they were different.

I spent countless hours coming up with the best way to take what I love doing – finding unique time management solutions for different people – and putting it together into an easy to digest online course.

So if you want to provide individualized time management plans, why don’t you just stick with coaching?

Because not everyone has the time, patience, and money for one-on-one coaching.

I wanted to create a program that people could do on their own time. On their own terms. And, most importantly, with a price tag they can afford.


There’s so much cruddy information out there – how do I know this is worth the time and money?

I hate that yucky, spammy internet marketing stuff as much as you do. I spent a lot of time researching absolutely everything on time management and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and am absolutely blown away by the final product.

And I am so happy with how each course is so incredibly personalized for each of the 16 personality types!

The amount of detail in each course would only come from a pretty substantial amount of time spent working one-on-one with a coach, so I can say with complete certainty that the $97 price point is an incredible deal compared to what you would pay to work with a coach.


Isn’t all this information already out there for free?

Yes, you can find some of this information on my website, my podcast interview, through my email newsletter, and in all the good stuff I offer for free.

And while you might be able to piece together a lot of this information to give you a good idea of what you need to do, it would take you a lot of time to put it all together, read through it, and then organize it all.

Or, you could just spend the $97 and have a completely customized time management program that you can start implementing right now.


I’m not sure I want to buy the course. Can I buy it later?

The cart for this course is only open until Monday, November 6 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. I do not know when it will be open again.

The three free bonuses – the Entrepreneur Priority Planner ($37 value), the Naptime Hustle To-Do List Organizer ($37 value), and the Ultimate Goals Worksheet ($11 value) – are only available until Monday, October 23 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.


What if I still don’t like it?

That’s where the 30-day guarantee comes in.

If for any reason you don’t feel like Be the Boss of Your Time is right for you, simply email within 30 days for a full refund. I stand behind my products and my promises.


What if I want to change courses?

If you purchase one course but decide that another one would be a better fit, then shoot me an email at and we’ll get you switched over!

There are a lot of reasons that you might want to switch. Perhaps you bought your nature type, but you want a time management program that reflects your personality type while at work.

Or maybe you realize after the fact that your personality type has evolved into a different one.

Whatever your reason, rest assured that we will switch you over! 

Do you have a team you would like to put through the course? Email us at and we will work out a special package at a discounted rate just for you!

Do you want to be an affiliate for Be the Boss of Your Time? Click here to sign up!

Brianna Berner

Brianna Berner

Professional Organizer & Productivity Coach

Hey there! I’m Brianna!

I am a professional organizer and productivity coach, and a member of NAPO, the National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

I have always been drawn towards efficiency and finding ways to do things in the most efficient way possible. And I’ve always loved teaching people how to become more efficient themselves.

This course is the result of combining my own experiences with what I’ve learned from being a productivity coach and from the multiple courses I’ve completed through NAPO, and putting it all together in an easy-to-follow, action packed program designed to get you real results!