6 Insanely Clever Home Storage Hacks

Let’s face it, finding clever home storage solutions isn’t always easy.

Stuff accumulates as our families grow. And finding a home for everything can seem like an impossible task.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s definitely possibly – even without custom closets and that extra square footage you’ve always dreamed about.

It’s about taking what you already have and finding a way to make it work.

So here are 6 insanely clever home storage solutions to help you organize your own space. Feel free to use what you can in your home and use the rest as inspiration to find your own creative solutions.

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6 Insanely Clever Home Storage Solutions to Make Your Life so Much Easier

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Home Storage Problem: You Clothing Storage Issue Has Become a Clothing Storage Emergency

There are so many reasons why people have more clothes than they will ever need. Our kids outgrow them faster than we can buy them. Trends change. Plus, shopping’s fun.

The professional organizer in me will, of course, tell you to get rid of what you don’t need. And you definitely should.

But the realistic, sales-rack-loving-trying-to-do-it-all mom in me wants to give you a few tips on how to manage what you keep.

So let’s start there.

Home Storage Hack: Over the Door Storage

Yes, we are all familiar with hooks you can hang on the back of your door. I know I’m not throwing anything life changing at you.

But how you use that space is what can make all the difference.

First, you need to figure out what would fit there the best.

I like to use this space for cardigans, scarves, and hats.

First of all, a lot of my cardigans are bulky. They would take up precious closet space if I were to hang them all up.

Second of all, I live in these things. I like being able to grab them easily.

We leave our closet door held open (so our toddler isn’t slamming his fingers in it). So I use the space to have easy access to all my cozy sweaters. Then, I throw a couple hats over the corner and hang a couple of scarves on the doorknob.

Not only does it look great, but I’ve turned an otherwise wasted door into a highly functional space.

 home organization hacks

Home Storage Hack: Add Cube Shelves for Extra Storage

I have also taken up wasted space in our closet with a couple different size cube shelves. These are incredibly useful to store shoes, bags, and folded clothes.

I put one on its side under the hanging clothes on my side. This has allowed me to keep most of my shoes neat and easy to get to.

Then, I put one in the middle to store my different bags. And the shelf on top is perfect for jewelry.

Click here for the 6 cube and 8 cube shelves I used!

 home organization hacks

Home Storage Problem: Your Cleaning Supplies Have Taken Over Your Spare Bedroom

Another common household storage problem is cleaning supplies. Maybe you like trying new cleaners out or you just like stocking up, but your collection of supplies has more than likely gotten a little out of control.

Again, the first thing that you should always do is to take stock of what you have. If there is stuff in there that you never use, then get rid of it.

And if you feel bad throwing something away that you only used once, find a local nonprofit to donate them to. Cleaning supplies are generally always welcome.

Then, we need to find a way to organize everything that you decide to keep.

If you have an entire closet you can store this stuff in, then great! Grab a labeler, section it all off, and keep it tidy.

If not, it’s time to get a little creative!

Home Storage Hack: IKEA Hanging Rack

My hands-down favorite way to store stuff when I don’t have shelves is with the IKEA hanging racks.

This particular hanging shelf is so much better than any other shelf I have ever come across. It’s solid. It doesn’t droop in the middle. And it holds its shape.

Plus, it’s pretty cheap.

And I can fit so much in it! I use mine to hold everything from boxes of Swiffer dusters to tissue boxes to light bulbs.

Home Storage Hack: Behind the Door Shoe Holder

Unfortunately, a hanging shelf isn’t the most ideal storage solution for bottles of cleaning supplies.

For stuff like this, I have a shoe rack hanging on the inside of the cleaning closet door.

It prevents random bottles from taking over the limited shelf space. It keeps everything organized and easy to find. And it prevents me from buying more than I need.

Click here to see the exact one I use!

 home storage hacks

Home Storage Problem: You Need Off-Site Storage For All the Toys

The last clutter problem that I want to talk about today are the toys that have undoubtedly taken over your house.

I’m talking to the point where you’ve considered renting a storage unit just to get your living room back.

And they just keep on coming.

So here are a few of the things I do to keep the toys somewhat under control in our house.

Home Storage Hack: Store Them In Cute Baskets Around the House

Okay, so I love cute baskets for storing everything.

But if you strategically scatter them throughout your house, the number of toys won’t seem as overwhelming.

For example, we keep all the mega blocks in a basket that sits on the floor between the TV stand and a table. He can easily grab them, dump them out and play, and have them picked up and put away in just a few minutes.

He then has another basket full of board books. And a few other baskets for other random toys.

And I constantly remind him that he can’t dump out one basket until the other one is picked up. Granted this doesn’t always work – I mean, he’s a toddler – but when it does, it drastically cuts back on the toy clutter.

 home storage hacks

Home Storage Hack: Another Cube Shelf to the Rescue

The other way that I love to store toys is with an 8 cube shelf on its side.

All of the toys that don’t fit into the baskets have homes on this shelf.

And it’s so great. Everything is neatly contained to the one wall this shelf is on. It actually looks really great. And my son enjoys putting his toys away on it.

It has turned his playroom into a highly organized, and highly functional space.

Again, here are the 6 cube and 8 cube shelves I used!


What problem areas do you have in your house? Let us know in the comments! I’d love to take this article further in the future!




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